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ARtificIal intelligence

how SIDD thinks and makes decisions

In the simplest form, artificial intelligence (AI) is a computer system’s ability to perform tasks that would typically require human intervention. In a customer service interaction, AI is often leveraged as a self-service channel.

Self-serve automation has been around for a long time. Take a vending machine for example. With little human interaction, you can perform a transaction and be serviced the snack of your choice through self-service automation. As simple of a process as it may be, this is one of the first forms of customer self-service.

Self-service has come a long way since the invention of a vending machine. Using AI, we have the ability to analyze deeper data, translate, recognize natural language, and process automation without human intervention. It’s technology agnostic and it’s how SIDD thinks and makes decisions.



SIDD’s ability to compose sentences in plain language

When we think of bots we often think of a chatbot on a website, or a malware bot crawling the content of a website using complex algorithms. Yet bots are often part of AI solutions to produce plain language. We see this in the contact center when a bot can produce a written response for an agent in a fraction of the time it would take them manually.

Bots have seen major advances using RPA and machine learning to refine quality and accuracy of responses. This combination of technologies enhances the agent experience while having direct impact to the end customer.

We see improvements in AHT, quality, and CSAT scores when redundant agent processes are removed from the experience. When the agent has more time to focus on the customer they can create a stronger relationship, more efficient service, and an overall better interaction.


Robotic Process Automation

SIDD’s eyes, ears, and hands - how he takes control

RPA works hand in hand with AI solutions to automate workflows or take control of a keyboard or mouse during a live interactions. Essentially, RPA is SIDD’s hands and eyes.

RPA is vital in the contact center for its ability to allow processes to be followed with speed and accuracy, empowering the agents to focus on other areas of an interaction, like providing more empathy or personalization to the call. The amazing thing about RPA is that it can work on top of multiple technologies, similar to how an agent would, without the need of an API integration or connection between systems. It acts as SIDD’s hands, eyes, and ears at a speed thousands of times faster than an agent.


Machine Learning

how SIDD learns without human intervention

Machine learning promotes faster and better decision making. Machine learning is what allows us to train computers to recognize patterns in data and use them to improve workflows that yield higher satisfaction scores.

We train SIDD to know a specific model that can predict results based off of thousands of similar cases. As agents select templates, responses are tied into QA and the ones that receive the highest scores are analyzed and used for future cases.


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